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  • Logistics Today, LLC

    Future Home For Logistics Today, LLC!   In the mean time please contact Mrs. Kelly Lamm  @ klamm@logistics-today.com for any information needed.
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  • About Us

    About Us
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  • B & Z Logistics Inc.

    B&Z Logistics, Inc., a Missouri-based commercial carrier is your one-stop transportation & warehousing solutions provider. We offer our services throughout the Continental United States, specializing in truckload (TL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) transportation for Dry, Flatbed, Over-Dimension, and Specialty Freight. B&Z offers many services, which you may or may not be familiar with. Today’s transportation industry is very competitive; it is our dedication to customer satisfaction that sets us apart from other companies.

    B&Z is a service oriented, safety driven company.

    B&Z guarantees on time pickup & delivery for all your expedited freight needs

    B&Z offers over 20,000 square feet of secure, climate-controlled warehouse space & can provide on site drop-trailer storage.

    At B&Z customer satisfaction is a must! Our additional services include:

    B&Z Loading, unloading & inside delivery assistance.

    B&Z Air-ride Equipment & Logistic Equipped Trailers

    B&Z Designated & Daily Runs

    B&Z Cargo Vans, Box Trucks, & Dock Highs Available

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  • Services

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  • Dry Van Freight

    B&Z offers 53’ 2013 Great Dane dry cargo vans.





    CAPACITY (volume)












    13' 6"13' 6"

    47' 6"47' 6"





    3,464 cu ft3,509 cu ft

    13,500 lbs13,500 lbs



    13' 6"

    47' 6"





    3,489 cu ft

    14,400 lbs

    Dry vans are one of the most common trailer options. Truckloads hauled inside this type of trailer are typically priced by the mile, with this option you usually have exclusive use of the entire van regardless of how full the trailer is. Dry vans can accommodate many types of palatalized or non-palatalized freight. Maximum cargo weight is typically 44,000 lbs.

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  • Flatbed & Step Deck Freight

    B&Z offers 48’ Step Deck & 53’ Removable Gooseneck Double Drop (RGN) Flatbed & Step Deck freight may require that the main platform be open and accessible from all sides and angles. There are a wide variety of trailers available to accommodate your specific type of freight needs. Flatbed & Step Deck trailers offer you great flexibility by being able to accommodate freight with odd sizes or dimensions.

    Our flatbed division can handle standard, wide, heavy and over-dimensional freight and we have all of the equipment necessary; such as tarps, chains & straps in order to ensure that your freight makes it safely to its destination.

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  • Over-dimensional Freight

    Over-Dimensional & Over-Weight freight shipments pose special challenges to you as a shipper. Often times a shipment will require Special permitting and routing through an individual city or state through which your shipment may move.

    Over-Dimensional & Over-Weight freight can sometimes require a team of escort vehicles or a service crew to ensure the safe transit of your shipment. At B&Z we excel in providing you with complete service from pickup to delivery. While Over-Dimensional & Over-Weight freight shipments can sometimes be overwhelming, our experienced team will guide you through the process from trailer selection to permitting.

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  • Pad & Strap Freight

    Specialized Freight services

    It’s Important you choose a highly professional relocation company with dedication and experience to handle your items with care. B & Z is proud to offer our specialized freight services to meet your every need!

    At B & Z, we know how important antiques, fine art, furniture, etc. are to your business. From delicate fine arts to valuable antiques we have the knowledge and experience to successfully transport all of your specialized freight. Your valuable pieces will be taken care of by:

    • Providing Professional trained carriers to see your items are received with absolute care

    • Trade show delivery's as well as concert equipment.

    • Climate controlled equipment available

    • We specialize movement of display cabinets and store fixtures.

    • Blanket wrapped service

    • Full Decking / Pads & Straps / Lift gate trailers or Ramps

    • State of the art logistics equipment such as: Ramp, pad, strap, and lift gate equipment are available

    • Team Services are available.

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  • LTL & Expedited Freight

    Partial truck loads (LTL)

    If you don’t require an entire truckload because you just want to ship a smaller quantity, B&Z can help. When you use our partial loads (LTL) service, you simply pay for the portion you use. With our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, we can consolidate shipments and reduce your shipping costs.

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  • Career Opportunity

    Career Opportunity
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  • Driver Qualifications

            Driver Qualifications

    • At least 23 Years of Age

    • 2 Years Verifiable Over The Road Experience

    • Safe Driving Record

    • No DUI's In Last 5 Years

    • Drivers pay .35 to .42 per mile based on PC miler

           Company Drivers

    • Starting Pay

    • Single - .32 to .42 (Loaded & Empty - Starting)

    • Teams - .35 to .40 (Split) (Loaded & Empty) All Miles Are PC Miler Practical Miles

    • $25 Stop Pay For Each Additional Pick Up And Drop Average 3,000 Miles Per Week

    • Single / 5,000-6,000 Miles Per Week Team

    • No Touch Freight / Company Pays Unloading

    • Home every 14 days.

    • Major Medical, Dental, and Life Insurance After 90 Days

    • Weekly Pay

    • 1 Week Paid Vacation After 1 Year

    • 401k

    • Driver Of The Month/Year Awards & Bonuses

    • Bi-Annual Raises

    • Recruiting Bonuses

    • Annual Safety/Performance Bonus

    • Late Model Equipment

    • 53 Vans And Flats

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  • Owner Operator Qualifications


    Dispatched Percentage Rate on all PC Miler Practical Miles:

                75% Includes Fuel Surcharge


    Dispatched Mileage Rate on all PC Miler Practical Miles:

                $1.00 on all miles plus National Fuel Surcharge Rate on all loaded and Empty Miles


    • $100 a Week for Trailer Rent

    • $30 a Week for Workman’s Comp

    • $100 a Week for Owner Operator Escrow Maintenance Account

    • $50 a Drop Trailer Delivery Fee

    • Fuel Used from Sunday Midnight to the following Sunday Midnight


    • Paid Every Friday

    • All loads delivered prior to Midnight Sunday

    • All paperwork turned in on a weekly basics

    • $1,000 Sign On Bonus paid out over first 12 months

    •  Fuel and Plate Program

    Qualifications Needed

    • 2000 or Newer Class 8 Sleeper Truck; Must Pass DOT & Truck Must Look Like a Truck

    • Must Pass a Company Background Check

    • NO Outstanding Child Support

    • Pass a DOT and Drug Test

    • No Felonies in the Past 7 years

    • Travel 48 States

    • Run 2800 miles a week

    “We are looking for Career Minded Owner Operators.  Our relationship with you is the same as it is with our Customers – You Are a Customer to Us.”

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  • Application

    [contact-form-7 id="502" title="Application2"]
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  • Lease Options

    B & Z also offers a lease option program.

    • Unit Range 2005 to 2011

    • Price range from $200.00 to $500.00 per week.

    • 24 to 48 Month lease some with extended warranty.

    • All units are inspected buy you before purchasing.

    • All repairs if needed are done in our shop so you can inspect when completed. 

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  • Jobs Listing

    Hi! This page is used by your Job Manager plugin as a base. Feel free to change settings here, but please do not delete this page. Also note that any content you enter here will not show up when this page is displayed on your site.
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  • Available Trucks

    Demo Truck 5
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 4
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 3
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 2
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 1
    Demo Truck
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  • Truck Locator

    Demo Truck 5
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 4
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 3
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 2
    Demo Truck
    Demo Truck 1
    Demo Truck
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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
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  • Website Speed.

    Gantry will incrase the speed of your site by Caching algorithm included in the core which will cache your site for faster reloads.

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  • Tutorials.

    Extensive overview of template files and instructions for installing and activating the template and overview for customizing the template logo

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  • Splitmenu.

    SplitMenu is a basic, static menu system that places parent items in the header navigation area, and all children in the sidebar, or as configured.

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  • RokSprocket.

    A powerful switchblade content plugin, that provides an array of display options, all within one single modular framework with an intuitive interface

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  • RokGallery.

    RokGallery is an advanced gallery plugin, resting on a custom tag based architecture, with an non-destructive slice editor to edit photos easily

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  • Preset Styles.

    Fracture has 8 stunning preset style variations to choose from, as well as configure from the Gantry administrator, in addition to custom widget variations.

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  • Powerful Menu.

    There are two menu options available: Fusion, the Mootools enhanced CSS dropdown menu, and SplitMenu, a static menu.

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  • Mosaic Layout.

    Mosaic, a template layout for RokSprocket, presents content in a dynamic and interactive grid structure; perfect for magazine and content sites

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  • Widget Variations.

    Fracture has a range of widget variations, both stylistic and structural that allow you to individualize a module to create unique layouts & appearances

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  • Logo Picker.

    There are two methods of changing the Fracture logo, via the logo picker or by manual change. Choose the logo from RokGallery or Media Manager.

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  • Integrated Plugins.

    Fracture has styled, including responsive, support for the RokSprocket and RokGallery.

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  • Fusion Menu.

    Fusion with MegaMenu is a Mootools enhanced, CSS dropdown menu system, with features such as multiple columns and inline icons.

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  • Flexible Layouts.

    Fracture has a responsive layout, meaning it adapts to the widths of the viewing device, as powered by the responsive Gantry 4 Framework.

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  • Core Framework.

    The Gantry Framework sits at the core of the template, providing the base for the major features and functions, such as the responsive grid.

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  • 84 Positions.

    A vast widget positions assortment, spread over Gantry Grid Rows, split into groupings of six, for maximum flexibility

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