Dry Van Freight

Dry van is one of the most common trailer options. Truckloads hauled inside this type of trailer are typically priced by the mile. With this option you usually have exclusive use of the entire van regardless of how full the trailer is. Dry vans can accommodate many types of palatalized or non-palatalized freight. Maximum cargo weight is typically 44,000 lbs. All our Dry Vans are equipped with air ride, E-Track, and are 53ft in length.

LTL & Expedited

If you don’t require an entire truckload because you just want to ship a smaller quantity, we can help. When you use our partial loads (LTL) service, you simply pay for the portion you use, and with our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, we can consolidate shipments and reduce your shipping costs.

Our expedited service ensures your goods arrive faster than regular transit times. When our trucks carry your expedited goods they rarely stop along the way and move directly from pickup to delivery.

Pad & Strap

It’s Important you choose a highly professional relocation company with dedication and experience to handle your items with care. We are proud to offer our specialized freight services to meet your every need!

Your valuable pieces are cared for by:

  • Providing Professional trained carriers to see your items are received with absolute care
  • Trade Show delivery and Concert Equipment
  • Movement Display Cabinets and Store Fixtures
  • Blanket wrapped service
  • Full Decking / Pads & Straps / Lift Gate Trailers or Ramps
  • State of the art logistics equipment such as: Ramp, pad, strap, and lift gate equipment are available
  • Team Services Available

Warehouse & Storage

Our Warehouse and Storage options include:
  • Warehouse facilities totaling 40,000
    square feet
  • Class “A+” state-of-the-art secured
  • Tractor trailer and straight truck docking
  • Ramp  entry capabilities
  • Security system
  • Video Surveillance
  • Insured
  • 53 trailers available for storage.
  • Cross docking
  • Material handling/storage